M&G Hamburg response

Did anybody Receive a response to the m&g in Hamburg yet or any notification at all? Do you know how long it takes to wait? Because today is Tuesday but on Friday is the concert

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Got my mail yesterday (5th of March) at 23:53.


Me too!!! :dancer:t2::heart_eyes:


Did anyone get the second mail yet? :blush:

No nothing here yet. :slight_smile:

Ok that‘s a relief. :grin: I‘m so excited!!! :heart_eyes:

Just got the second email. :blush:

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Same!!! :grin: See you later. :sparkles:

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Me too :grin: hooray!


The streets are so full, my boyfriend and I had work and left extra early, I hope I won‘t be late. :pray:t2:

That’s the typical Hamburg. I’m so confused. Nobody is there yet but the entrance seems to be right haha

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I should be there in 10 minutes. :grin: