M&G for One More Light Tour- Says my Email Address Needs to Verified?

Hi there-
Just tried to get in the running for the opening night LPU M&G for the Mansfield Mass show on July 27, 2017. After I hit the button this message comes up that my email address must be verified. What does that mean? Am I in the lottery, and just need to wait for an email? Anyone? Bueller?

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Were you logged in at the time you pressed the button?

Yes I was. I even tried it a few times.

When you go to it now and click on the LPU M&G Black button, what comes up? For mine, I get this for the one I saigned up for.

Notice it says leave contest on button. If this isn’t the case, take a screenshot of what you see.

It has a red bar that says
This contest requires that your email address is verified

Damn! Im a member t shirt lanyard and all heheh

It lets me log in no problem

This is what it looks like

Shoot an email to lpuhq@lpunderground.com , send the screenshot and let them know whats up, sounds like there’s something wonky with your account.

This should help you with the email verification problem…

Go to https://www.fullscreendirect.com/home. If it asks you to login first, use your Linkin Park account login (it is safe to do so, Fullscreen Direct is the platform for LinkinPark.com).

Once you are logged in, click on your name in the top right corner and open the dropdown menu, then click “User Settings”. It should come up with an area to edit your account with a red banner that says “Please verify your email address to fully activate your account.” and a link to resend the verification.

If it doesn’t have this red banner, change the email address you currently have set to something else, open the settings back up, and reenter your actual email address and it should send you another confirmation email.

Image for reference:

Thank you!
That worked. Just had to change the email and change it back.

Much appreciated!! Hope you get to several shows on the tour!

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Hey thanks Derek!
jfar helped me go into the account and trigger a resend for verification.

Enjoy your show. I’m going to night 1, and possibly a few others.

Appreciate the help!

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With all that’s happened I’m glad your fix worked. We’ll see what happens from here on out.

Cant believe it man!