LPUTV issue

just checking if anyone else has this problem and an answer to solve it,

of course iv bought living things and in doing so got the code for 1 month free trial to LPU, so i’ve redeemed the code. But does this mean i can now watch the LPUTV episodes? as when i click on the videos section on this site when logged in it goes straight to the login page saying i need to be a member.
i also received a email when i redeemed the code, saying the general welcome and what i can do on this site (one thing being able to watchLPUTV videos).

can anyone help? thank you x

I don’t think that trial members can watch the LPUTV episodes. You can wander around the site and boards and all but you can’t watch the videos and take part in the chats.

Uhm LPUTV available only for subscribers, not for trial memberships.

Ok EvoOba, I thought as much, thanks very much for your help :slight_smile: