LPU's Guitarists

Hey LPU.
Since I love playing guitar I wanted to ask the guitarists in the LPU what kind of guitars do you use, which amps and modifiers and what kind of songs do you like to play ;D

I have 3 guitars (soon to be 4). I have a simple classical guitar, a Yamaha acoustic guitar and an Ibanez GRX40 e-guitar. I’m getting an Epiphone SG EB-400 sometime this year. My favorite guitars are the Paul Reed Smith ones but they’re way too expensive.
As for amps, I have a Fender 30W amp, a Marshall JMD1 Series amp that I mostly use at the studio and a small Laney 15W amp for playing at home. As for pedals and stuff, I don’t really use any. I have one Midi Pedal and a Digitech one for studio use only. I like the Midi one better tho cause it has a cool delay modifier.
As for songs, pretty much everything :slight_smile:

I always use Guitars with Humbuckers…they have a “fatter” sound…cause i always play Metal songs and LP stuff.
I dont use a real Amp,im using a Behringer Vamp 2 and a Line 6 Port UX1 with virtual amplifiers.
You have more possibilities and you can mix a few sounds and effects in a ultra high quality and you can record them.
I opened a youtube channel with guitar videos,started a few days ago.

check it out ;D