LPU11 Payment not processing/taking away from my available funds every month

I signed up for the LPU in April with I pre-ordered Living Things. The payment for that membership shows up as “processing” in my bank statement, then disappears completely, leaving me to believe I have more money than I actually do. Now, the charge to my account keeps coming back and hasn’t yet processed. It makes me no longer want to be an LPU member because it, in effect, takes away money that I think I have available EVERY two weeks or so.

It’s a hassle that I shouldn’t have to go through. It was supposed to be a one-time payment.

And if there is no reason this can be resolved, I would rather that my LPU account be cancelled. This is ridiculous. I had the money for this in April. I expected to be charged then. There is no reason I should be getting charged months later, as I cannot afford this now.

You should have immediately contacted support. They’re very helpful, always there when I have problems.

How is this possible?

Did you also pre-order the album?
Mine has been doing the same thing but a 25$ charge. My 60$ LPU was charged the moment it shipped out. I’m assuming the 25$ is for the album I pre-ordered.

You need to contact WB support ASAP.

When I pre-ordered the album, there was no distinct charge difference between my ledger and available balance which led me to believe and “forget” that I actually had an order and spent the money which led my order to be cancelled.

There is seriously something wrong with WB.