LPU11 Membership Purchase

I just bought an LPU11 membership for my boyfriend, but i don’t know how to create his account now. When I bought mine, I got it when I preordered the CD and they sent me an email with the information to use. But when I bought his, I didnt even have to enter an email address. How do I create his account??

Did you purchase it while logged in under your account?

If you did the membership was given to you, i believe. He’ll be able to use the early access pass, since I believe that is transferable, but the membership is under your account.

For him to have his own account you would of needed to be logged out. Then purchase a membership through the lpunderground site. It would have prompted you to create a new account, for him, using a different email.
I had to do that for my gf.

don’t quote me though, all else fails just contact groundctrl