Lpu T-shirt sizes

Hello, so I wanted to order an lpu bundle but I really worry about the t shirt size. I’m 65kg and 1,65m, which size do you think would fit me? I’m between men’s xs and women’s L/XL. What do you people think? >_<

a normal mans m would fit I believe
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I don’t know about your size specifically, but here are some other similar topics that were recently brought up that might help you:

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What’s that exactly? :o

I’m 180cm & 67kg and I have mens M. It’s a bit loose but I like loose shirts.

@efisar Are you Greek? If so and still need help, send me a private message and I’ll help you.

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@EvoOba Είμαι ^^ Αλλά δεν ξέρω πως να σου στείλω μήνυμα :ο

@efisar I’ll do it, just be sure to check your profile’s dashboard on the main site, you’ll see my message on your mails there. (Replying in English cause the forums are English only).

The tshirt sizes are quite generous. I am 1.64m and about 80kg and the xxl fits great!

@EvoOba I can’t see the message because it looks like this

Can you help me from here >.<

Yeah sorry, just realized the site doesn’t support Greek characters. I sent you a 2nd message in greeklish.

@EvoOba Saw it, thanks :smiley: I’ll probably buy a woman’s L and hope it fits >.<

Ok, great! You can always send it back and request a different size if it doesn’t fit.

Hi all, could someone maybe measure a Men´s M size shirt and write it down here? That would help.