LPU Summit Questions

Are we going to be allowed to park at Susquehanna Bank Center around 9 AM since that’s when they are telling us we have to check-in for the LPU Summit?

After we get our items signed at the meet and greet, can we bring them back to our car/hotel etc. or do we have to carry them around until the end of the concert?

Lunch is covered, but what are we going to do about eating dinner before the show?

THere is parking, you might want to go online and get your parking pass before hand, it depends on when we get done, if you have seats like I do, we are going to put our stuff somewhere safe, maybe even back at the hotel then come back over for the concert, if you are in the PIT I would say you probably are trying to take advantage of early entry and get to the front of the pit so probably not any time to put your items away, so best to bring a little bag, get something like a CD signed, something that can be carried, put away and safe.

Dinner I would think you will be eating at the show, LP doesnt go on till 9 or so, we probably get in at 630 7pm area, one or two opening acts so could eat during that. I want to see incubus and LP, but if Mutemath is also playing I wont mind missing that set as much.

Thanks. I called up Susquehanna Bank Center and they said that most likely Lot 1 which is supposed to be across from the Walt Whitman Box Office will be open before 9 AM. I wish I would have received a definite yes instead of a “most likely”. I’m still not sure what to do. Trinity, are you going to be our guide for the event?

Not really but I am going to help out and arrange many of us to meet up and help get people back and forth, ferry and or taxi, so an unofficial guide I guess you could call me LOL From a recent persons experience and many headache stories I have read of parking, getting back to your car, and hour and a half trying to leave etc, this might be your best option.

For everyone who drives there, you really should hop on the River Line and take that in and out of Camden. We get on in Riverton or Cinnaminson, and it’s a very quick ride right to SBC. If you’re coming from Philly, just park in Pennsauken and take the Line from there. It will save you parking money and a lot of headaches!