LPU Summit Passes?

Hi. My son and I are trying to snag some passes to the LPU Summit in Camden, NJ. We are both LPU Plus members (thus, passes should be free). When we go to buy passes on the LPU Summit page (under Events), all we find is SOLD OUT on the $50 option (for non-LPU Plus members). Where is the option for LPU Plus members (free passes)? All we have to do is click that we’re ‘Going’ or what? We’re a bit confused concerning this. Went to the Summit in Chicago last year and it was incredible! Would love to do that all over again! Please help us out! Thanks!

Unfortunately the summit passes are sold out, even for plus pass members. They sold out the first day they were available, but some lucky lpuers were able to snag some the next day! So keep trying, some might pop up if you’re lucky. The passes are free for plus members when they were available.

Yeah even as a member you still have to jump on at 12pm eastern time when they become available and grab them lol, its a free for all at that point, some people get them, some dont. They might release more later so keep your eyes open and good luck.