LPU Problems & Contest Registering

I purchased the LPU Deluxe Bundle + Membership back in November 2017 but when I log into my account to register for the Australian Listening Party for Post Traumatic I get this message - Sorry you are not in an appropriate tier to enter this contest.

I’ve emailed Fullscreen Direct to the address on the bottom of the email receipt (receipt # 1228929 21.11.17) for the bundle I received but have heard nothing back & I am very concerned I wont hear anything back before the competition closes.

I would be devastated if I miss out on this because of something beyond my control. Anything you guys can do to help will be so, so appreciated.

Below are screenshots of both the message I get while trying to register & the receipt for the bundle that was emailed.



@jFar920 or @derek?
They’ll be able to check whether you activated your full membership, only thing I could guess but idk they’re the guys to talk to who might point you in the right direction :slight_smile: best of luck getting it resolved and also in the contest

Thank you for your quick response. I eagerly await a response.

No problem,
In the meantime the most usual advice I tend to give is to be sure that you activated the membership code that was sent to you soon after purchasing the bundle, it would’ve been an email saying welcome to lpu or something like that
In there they give you a code and ask you to go onto lpu site, “purchase” a $10 membership and then use the code as a coupon code to bring the price to zero
That’ll activate your full membership and then maybe that’ll solve your issue by bringing you up to member tier? Idk

Really appreciate all your doing to help me sort this out. I’ve just been through all my emails from the 22nd of November to now & I can’t find anything. I even looked through my junk mail folder & there’s nothing there either.

I’ve got all my fingers & toes crossed that this will get sorted out before the contest closes. I’ll wait to hear the outcome.

If you never activated your code, then that’s the problem. Contact the HQ (either via email or tweet Lorenzo) and he can have a look and send you a second email with the code.

Thanks for responding. Fullscreen Direct manually updated for me so it’s all fixed. Much appreciated.

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