LPU Help! Looking for support


I am trying to recover/renew my account. Is there any customer support I may contact?


Maybe @derek or @jFar920 can help you.


I don’t have the ability to recover a password to an old account, but how old is the account, and do you remember the username you used for it?


@jFar920, it is from 2004. I think the username was either atreyuCJS or JohnnieChimmpo


Mate, that’s a 14 year old account. :joy: Sorry to say this, but they don’t exist anymore. This site has been through several providers and a load of changes since. The oldest accounts are 8 years old I think.


Like @the_termin8r said, that the account is unfortunately long gone. Everything before LPU X was lost after a platform change, and even some accounts after that were deleted for a short period when not renewed

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