LPU Feedback

I’m a LPU member for a few years now and wanted to share some thoughts about changes in and around the LPU.

I’m VERY happy there’s a “XS” size now available for the new lpu shirts! it fits just perfect! Imean for a girl a lot of those boy’s shirts were a little too big sometimes.

I really like how you have your own page as a member with comment boxes and the sum-up in the right corner as well as the linked accounts section.

I just have one negative: If I want to reply to a comment on my wall i always have to go to the profile of the one who wrote to me. it’d be easier if you had a reply button for everyone who wrote to you which will be directly added to him or his profile :slight_smile:

I agree! :smiley: I love the profiles, they just need to fix the replying. And the fact that lpunderground is in fact it’s own site! Last year was such a hassle and was a little mad they took our separate site.

BY THE WAY, congratulations sweetie! Best wishes to you :slight_smile:

Yes, i Find LPU better than FB… :DDD

Rossi from LPU is trying to get the guys from LP & LPU to do female merchandise. So i think there is a good chance that there will be girls clothing too.

I really like the idea with the comment thing! its much easier to reply then!

Maybe you go and talk to groundctrl because they’ve made this site :slight_smile:

@NLopezdeArenosa well, thank youu :smiley:

wow- girls clothing would be even better!

good idea, i think i’m going to contact ground ctrl :wink:

I agree with ya and I hope they will find a solution soon

it would be great if signing up for this site was free and if you wanted extra features than you can uprgade to a premium membership or something like that

hmm no i wouldn’t like that. if it’d be free EVERYONE would spam around here and there’d be less advantages for us members. like the news. or new show updates :confused: