LPU delivery time?

Just out of curiosity how long do you wait for the LPU package? Im in the UK

If you got the one with the Skateboard, it doesn’t ship until February. Otherwise I think it just is shipped as soon as they can. I got my LPU14 package December 9th last year if that’s any indication. I also live in the US so it might take longer for you, and LPU15 launched later than 14

Thanks xero

I actually just got a shipment email a few minutes ago now

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As did i, ehehe


Same here :grinning:

I bought LPU14 on 12.31 and it arrived 10 days later (excluding weekends and holidays on 1th January and 6th January) - I live in Poland

Same here. And a tracking number this time! Wow, I’m impressed.

My packages usually take 15 days to arrive, sometimes I’ve gotten stuff within 10 days or so. Not sure if it is any help, but I sent my FM stuff to my family in London and it took a week for the package to arrive. The LPU’s can be different though.

Someone already got their package!



Nice! The photo looks big too! And I’m glad the cd is once again in a case.

If someone bought this year men’s M or S and last year (LPU14) men’s M, contact me please

I got men’s M last year (like I always do) but since it was too big for some odd reason I got a women’s M this time.

How is it @TripleXero

I didn’t get it, someone I saw on the LPU Instagram feed did

Never mind shouldn’t be long if you got an email

How tall are you? I’m 180cm and M is a bit too big (I like shirts that are little bit too big), but I think about buying S this time, I think there’s no very big difference.

I like mine baggy too but last year’s was gigantic so, went for a women’s. I’m way shorter than you lol.

UPDATE: Apparently there’s not going to be a tracking number for the standard packages after all. Just checked the status of mine and it says it won’t provide any more tracking information.

You must be a good guy, getting it first (I know, you don´t get it for any other reason but living in the usa, but,) sure you are a lucky one… and now pl your statement to the six-pack?@tripleXero

Like I said earlier, it’s someone else’s picture. I haven’t got mine yet