Lpu coming soon to your iphone

Keep an eye on the Apple App Store. We are excited to announce that an LPU app for iPhone is coming very soon. [smile]

it’s look awesome!
I have new iPad but my phone is Android, the question is “Any chance to get this App on Play Store for Android?”

I have an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy Tab that runs on Android and I’m still waiting on the WayCooler app to be developed on Android as I have more use out of my tablet then my iPhone.

Cool! Can’t wait to see the LPU app!

Cool! long-awaited

I hope they make it for Android

Just waiting for the Iphone 5 and then LPU app for Iphone! [biggrin]

Android wtf! D:

damn … always apple -.-

well i hope that they are doing an android version too

That’s great!

They are always making stuff for the iphone but never for the androids! Bring out some LPU apps for the android please! :slight_smile:

I don’t remember very well but I think that Adam said that it won’t be able for Android for now.

And… God bless Apple! hahaha

My iPhone has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made :wink:
Can’t wait for it :3

Do you think it’ll be free? X

Adam did say that it was only for iPhone. He didn’t say anything about it being planned for Android…

Are you sure? If you say. I don’t remember very well, really. [wink]