LPU CHICAGO Living Things Concert Event & Listening Party

Hi everyone!!!

If you’re reading this and re-posting, I’m hoping that you’re from the Chicago Area and interested in meeting other LPUers like myself (and my husband too). I was recenty at the House of Blues in Hollywood and made so many awesome friends before the show in a forum post just like this. We exchanged numbers and were able to meet up in person. It was and is the coolest feeling to have friends that you have made because of LInkin Park and LPU. I am still in contact with them frequently and am hoping to meet LPUers from the Chicago Area.

I am hoping to organize a group of people to meet on Monday June 25, 2012 at the Century 12 Theatre in Evanston, IL. the show is at 7:30 p.m. there is a chili’s next door where we can meet and have a drink before or after the movie.

Afterwards, I am hoping that we can continue the “Living Things” Release Day (next day) and drive to the “famous” Superdawg drive-in on Milwaukee and Devon Ave. as we listen to the album front to back. It is open until 1am so we can have some munchies and listen to the album when it becomes available at midnite (pending weather conditions of course).

Hope to meet other LPUers from the area so we can all stay in contact and also meet up at The Tinley Park show on August 24!!!


No LPU members in Chicago want to meet up for the Concert Event & Listening Party?


I can probably chill with you guys on june 25
I only live in lincolnwood and work in the city

Dude! Awesome! We live in Skokie and are hoping that the century theatre in Evanston works out for everyone that wants to come! You don’t mind being out late?! I’m happy to know you’re not too far.

I would totally do it cuz i live right by superdawg but I’m gonna be out of the country :frowning:
Hopefully we can meet another day maybe a couple of days before the concert :smiley:

Out of the country? Where you going? I’m hoping that the group continues to meet up even after the 25th/26th. I’m organizing a group of people bcuz I know how hard it is finding other fans like us. Like I said, I have friends in Cali who I stay close with and hoping to do this to unite everyone in the area. I’ll keep in touch with you after the meetup so we can hopefully get together again before Tinley Park!


@irene nope i dont mind being out late even though i got work early morning lol. oh and i hope you dont mind if i tag a friend along with me which is also an LP fan just not an LPU member
@erwin dude your missin out! =D hopefully next time you’ll be able to come

I’m sure more people will respond in the next few days. I wrote messages on everyone’s profile that I knew was from the area. So if u guys know other peeps from the area, let them know about the group I’m getting together!

Yes bring whoever as long as they’re an LP fan!

I’m down! Sorry for the late response been busy with school so haven’t had time to log on. I am so there!
Let me know details since I’ll be driving down from Milwaukee WI. Thanks!

Hi Erika!

That would be so awesome if you could come down for a meetup!

The details are on the original post above. It’s playing at a theater nearby where there is a chili’s and a buffalo wild wings nearby. I’m hoping everyone would be down for going to a drive in to listen to the album at midnite.

Can’t wait. Private message me your number if it’s easier to communicate!!!


well hope to get my tickets for the show tomorrow n looking forward in meeting a lot of LPU members from the area …

Oh good idea! There’s only a few of us right now… But LP street soldiers Just posted an event page for each show so I’m hoping to find more people to join us! I know there are more than 6 of us LP fans in this area!!

My wife and I live in Iowa, and are going to the Tinley Park show. I know we would like to meet other LPU folk before the concert. That is some good planning for the LT release, I hope you all have an awesome time.

Thanks David! Chicago is a long trek away from Iowa! But that’s great!
Sorry you can’t make it!

Just to let everyone know that LPU is giving away tix to this movie concert!!! You must email Adam by today. It’s on the main page!!!

Theater #71 century Evanston

Man, I’m a total noob at this forum thing but I won’t be able to make it to the even tomorrow and tuesday but I’m up for meeting up before the show on the 24th!

Hey! Thanks for the invite, but, I already bought a ticket to go to the theater in Joliet, which is right by my house. Sorry! Otherwise I’d like to go.

Hi everyone from Chicago LPU!

I will definitely set up the next meetup to be centrally located for everyone!! I was hoping to get more responses and more people but I’m happy with what we have! Can’t wait to see everyone at 7!

I am looking to setup something for July maybe something where everyone could go even people from surrounding states!

Message me on twitter if it’s easier. I know not everyone goes on these forums!