LPU Auction Need Help

Hello, I wanted to know regarding LPU Auction could ask for help on the forum here ??
There are two guitars up for auction, but I notice that the signatures are identical, but their equal … can you tell me if they are true signatures or the are prints signatures, since they have no different at all.
I have to make a gift to my son.
Thanks !!!

don´t really know, but wanna say on your post that youson could be happy with a Dad like you, compliments to ya, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, if you sent a message to @LPUHQ and hey will tell you if they´re printed or real signed, good luck…

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Hey! Thanks for your post! All signatures on the LPU Auctions items will be true and authentic signatures from the band if you win the auction. LP makes a point to hand sign every item in the LPU auction. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at LPUHQ@LPUnderground.com.

-Lulu / LPU HQ

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Done, email sent: for more information :smile:

Hello again, … sorry but more I look at the two guitars in auction, more the signatures seem too much identical, realy too much, seem printed … I sent an email to Lulu, to see if the guitar is accompanied by a certificate of authentication ??
Have any of you ever bought at auction here … if I remember correctly the last month there was a drum ??
Thanks again …

PS: Sorry if I insist it’s cause I’m interested.

It’s normal their signatures are identical. They are signatures after all, they are supposed to look identical.
The guitars are authentic as well (squiers of course, not standards) but still.

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Do anybody knows where and when the sign this guitar ??
Thanks …

Nice Guitar signatures…very cool!!

why are you so misstrusting? Is there any reason/experience you made to be betrayed in such things? I think if @LPUHQ assure you, that they are not printed, than you can trust and believe them, they do everything, but I´m sure they dont lie!

I have already got the answers i need for the guitars in auction,
I wanted to know if any of the staff knew this guitar and when the signatures date back …
It is a guitar with more details and believe me, it costs a lot more 'of those who are here in auction …
I was looking for the Guitar the one in the photo of my avatar, but "Hard Rock Cafe "NY said that for now they do not sell their products autographed.
That’s it … I think for these type of sales informations are important, how important the money from their sale.
If I would not be interested I would write enything …
Thanks and Ciaooo

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ah ok, so I think I´ll get it, you want a guitar special signed! Yeah, that´s sure possible, it´s kind of investment, I think :moneybag: Good luck :relaxed:

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