LPU Account wird nicht aktiviert/ account not activated


Hallo an alle deutschen Fans! Ich hab das Problem, dass ich mir die LPU Mitgliedschaft gekauft habe, aber leider nichts passiert. Ich stehe immer noch als normales Mitglied drin. Hättet ihr eine Ahnung woran das liegen könnte? :cold_sweat:
Dankeschön!! :slight_smile:


Hello to all German fans! I have the problem that I bought the LPU membership, but unfortunately nothing happened. I’m still standing there as a normal member. Would you have any idea why that could be? : Cold_sweat:
Thank you very much!!

translated in English

i hope i translated it right just to be sure



Well done my dear :+1:t2: And I think this is a case for @jfar920 or @derek … and your translation is very good - I’m proud of you :heart_eyes::hugs:


thanks dear :heart_eyes:

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Thanx to you :blush: LP family- international supporting squad :heart_eyes:

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i thought it was the lunatic protection union :joy::joy::joy:


Perfect! :slight_smile:️ thank you… i just think that my Problem is really difficult, so I‘m a bit scared to explain that/ understand the solution, i think… School is long time ago and that‘s the reason why my english isn’t (unfortunately) the best :confused: so sorry for that


hey that’s alright

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Thank you :relieved:


your new here i see so welcome

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Thank you for that. You all seem to be very nice!
So now I just have to figure out how everything‘s working here :see_no_evil::slight_smile:


One great way to get to know soldiers is to go to the game thread

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Hello from Germany too - is the problem solved? :blush:

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No unfortunately not :disappointed:


I think we have to wait until Monday when the hq works again… you can email them about your case… lpuhq@lpunderground.com and I hope you’ll enjoy your time here nevertheless

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The problem is solved! Thank you for replying that nice! I‘m really happy to be here :relieved:

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Glad to hear your enjoying it here

And that’s amazing news

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Awww cool - then jump into the love and fun :yellow_heart::joy:

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Monday is a holiday in the U.S. so it may be a bit longer of a wait

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