LPU 18 membership bundle

My membership renews today and when I click to redeem my bundle it is the same bundle as LPU 17. Why offer the same bundle that many of us already have?
I get that LP’s future is still in limbo, but if they aren’t continuing with new bundles why not get rid of that option?
I dont want to pay for a bundle I already own but it was set to automatic.

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Ah, @jFar920
But I think he will say to contact full screen or whatever they are called directly through email :confused:
I hadn’t even thought of what next lpu will be like :no_mouth:

And off topic but nice to see you around here haha I always remember you and @aaran everytime I hear someone mention cd collections on here :stuck_out_tongue:


haha it feels good to be back actually! i’ve been so busy this year that i havnt had much of a chance to pop in :frowning:
i still need to finish my LPU cd collection :stuck_out_tongue: but i am super close!

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Lol what are you missing?
Busy is good sometimes :grin:

That is true :slight_smile:

I still need LPU 2, 4, 12 and 16 :smiley:

The “new” LPU year starts every November. It’s not the time for LPU 18 yet. If you don’t want the same bundle you can either wait or buy the online only membership ($10) and come November, just get the 18 bundle from the store.


That is odd because last year i got the bundle when it first came out which was now :thinking:

Last year was more an exception rather than a rule. I feel like since Chester’s passing, that was reasoning enough to move it up a couple months. Which reminds me, we never got an LPU CD last year.


The issue this year is that the auto renewal kicked in but you already have the same merchandise that’s up right now, right? At least that’s what I first understood

I suppose this year it will be pt/mike related :confused::slightly_frowning_face:

Ps if you have a chance @kirsty13 , email me please(it’s on my profile) :slightly_smiling_face: I got an idea :upside_down_face:

Oops I don’t think it shows on my profile :sweat_smile: it’s [spoiler] framos1992@yahoo.com[/spoiler]

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I hope thats true. I’m ready for a new bundle :slight_smile:


Ive just sent you an email :slight_smile:
(My email is kirstyburge@hotmail.com)
I really need to come on here more regularly!

Didn’t know if you all received the email but there isn’t going to be a bundle this year :sob: There is new LPU merchandise instead. Makes me sad but I still might go check out the store anyhow.


Well correction it says for now so there is still hope


I just received the same email as my subscription was set to expire on the 21st and the only option it gave was the digital, it threw me off that the bundles weren’t there for me to select the one I had the previous year. I received the email about the LPU Basics Collection but forgot that it had stated that there won’t be the bundles “for now” so I’m glad that it was reposted to refresh my memory.


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You can tell a lot about someone by their email

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Lol I’m flattered that you’re so excited :rofl:

Does anyone know how many guitar picks come in the bundle for $5?

Hi, sorry, but this online only membership confuses me. I’m new at LPU and I could only get the LPU membership for 10$. Is there something I missed? Thanks a lot! Big hug, isa

I’ve no idea if the bundles are still available or not. If you could only get the $10 one, then that’s probably it.

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