LPU 11 Membership added to LPUX?

I have a question, as my LPUX membership runs until Febuary I have no intention of buying the LPU11 package IF this reduces my membership time by 2,5 months (from now)!

However I have heard and read in forums that a year simply gets added to your LPU site membership on purchasing LPU11!
Is this correct and has anyone tried and proven this?

Because obviously the package looks good and I would quite like the new CD too :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

your lpu11 starts from the date that your lpux expires!! it doesn’t matter when you purchase lpu11

i joined LPU11 even if my LPUX would have run until march 2012

Thank you both!!! You have been most helpful!! TY

Yes this is correct

Yes this is correct