There is so much more stuff than last year, maybe even 8 and 9! I can’t wait to buy the CD and get the package!

It is truly amazing!

Great Site, great Layout, great Stuff ^^

Awesome right =D

You’re so right! I think it’s just perfect!! [heart] [biggrin] I can’t wait to receive my package with the CD!!

Love LPU11. Ground(Ctrl) is so much better than TopSpin in terms of customer service and ease of use, and this CD is the best CD we’ve had in at least 5 if not 6 years. I couldn’t be any happier with LPU11 so far, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the year ahead. Great work guys!

Bravo! This site is everything we could want and more! The membership is well worth the price for everything that we get. The $1.11 CD offer is unbeatable. Thank you guys so much!

110% better. thanks ground(ctrl)


Definitely can get used to this! So glad the forums are back, thanks LPU and ground(ctrl) :smiley:

xGillion times better.

great layout (though I miss the ‘darkness’ of the former LPUMB change is goooood)
best cd so far. for me a tie with the lpu9 cd
looking forward to a great year!

and yes va’ fail topspin, no one will miss you

This is my first year, my first day and also my first hour in LPU and I don’t regret anything about it, this is fucking awesome. I still hope for more content and a little bit more sub forums, but I think for this is the first day, I shouldn’ exspect everything to be perfect.
And at this point I wanna thank Linkin Park for making this happend and giving us fans so much opportunity to show how much we like our favourite band. You guys are great [smile]

I couldn’t agree more! Just superb, isn’t it? [smile][biggrin]

Lpu11 is just perfect!!!:)) could not be any better :))

I’m most impressed with the responsiveness of both the site and it’s staff. It’s not been this efficient since the first year.

This is my second year with LPU, and ground(ctrl) is way better than topspin!

I ordered my package and your damn right their is a lot more! :smiley:


it´s my first LPU xD, but is fuc***g amazing! The forum, LPU videos, the people, the CD, t-shirt…
I love you guys! jaja