LP Underground XIV

What do you think about Breaking the Habit (Original Mike 2002 Demo)? I think it is not very beautiful.
It’s a wanderfoul song but it must be singing by Chester!!
Then, in this Demo, I love Malathion+Tritonus (2008 Berlin Demo)! What do you think about them?
SOrry but I don’t speak English very well!

** it must be sung by Chester!

Forgive my mistakes LoL

What I think is going on with the Breaking the Habit demo is that Mike is just singing as a placeholder. Before Minutes to Midnight, he hadn’t sang on any songs before. Plus the song being about Chester’s drug addiction and was made to make him stop, I don’t think Chester had much to do with the original idea of it

Yes but Chester sings much better this song. I think that the voice of Mike isn’t suitble for this song. Yes, this song mixed with the voice of Mike has a charm that is suitable to the text but I prefer Chester’s voice for this song!

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Oh, for sure! Even though Mike can sing well (usually, this is a bad example of his singing), he’d never fit the part for this song, musically or topic wise. This might be the first demo I dislike compared to the final (although I love the instrumental parts of this compared to the 2003 version, Drawing is amazing), but it’s still cool to hear how it changed

A little sad that there wasn’t any unreleased songs, only instrumental demos. Not that I don’t like demos, Rhinocerous is my 2nd favorite after Pale!!! but I whould love it if it was atleast 1 unreleased song on the CD. I laughed a little at the Breaking The Habit demo and the Dave sbeat feat Joe Hahn track( it’s a cool thing to put on the cd but i whould much rather prefer an unreleased song or a demo). but all in all I’m not very sad about the new LPUCD, I like it but not love it. But Rhinocerous is fricking amazing!!!

Oh yeeeeeeees!!!

I haven’t heard the album, still waiting for my CD to arrive.

I’m sorry, I’ll wait till my CD arrive. Thank you, though.

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After hearing this song I understand why Mike didn’t sing before Minutes to Midnight. Props to have the confidence to release it!

My favourite track on LPUXIV is definetly RHINOCEROUS!

Just like Purnama, I always wait for my cd to arrive before I listen to anything, but I just had to hear this demo. Mike was young and un-experienced when it came to singing back then so yes, his voice is not the greatest. But it is a demo and since it is HIS song, he had to do the vocals. I’m not saying he should be singing it, no way. It’s amazing to see how a song has progressed though and getting to hear this demo (since we already had Drawing) is amazing to me. I’m glad Mike decided to put it on the album.

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This is for me the best LPU CD so far!

Yeah it’s so good, I love!!! Thanks for share :wink:

I won’t let this happen =) Ima spam you with the album links :wink:

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I’m sorry, I did not want to break the laws of the forum. At any rate, the video uploaded on youtube is not my property and therefore I am not responsible!
If is a problem, I’ll remove the link :smile:

Ok , I deleted the link . Excuse me everyone (Y)

I actually didn’t mind you sharing the youtube clip here. Then again, I tend to venture on pirate bay and kat as a daily routine, I’m flaky like that… :stuck_out_tongue:

To stay on topic: The Breaking The Habit kind of gave me shivers. Not just because of the bad singing, but more because when you consider the story behind the song and how Mike must’ve felt recording this song to present to Chester… I think it’s brave they put the demo out there like this.

He sure has improved vocally since then, though :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave Valerius a heads up on posting official material. There was a sticky post on the old forum saying not to post official material so I didn’t want him to get in trouble


Ah I understand. Would be a bummer if he got into trouble over this indeed.

My favorites
1 Malathion+Tritonus
2 Blanka
3 Rhinoceros

Overall an awesome album!