LP Underground Facebook Covers

Here are some more exclusives for Linkin Park Surface! The idea of Facebook Covers was suggested by IrishRob. I got to work on these almost as soon as I read the message. I didn’t really know what to make, so if you have an idea on what should be put on one of these, don’t hesitate to tell me!

Whoa those are cool how do i get one

NNNIIICEEEEEE!! i used the 2nd one on my timeline ^^

wow nice! thank you!

fantastic men!

really great work!
I really like it

Thats rly cool and if anyone was woundering, u just save them to your photos then when ur doing ur timeline just choose witch one you wanted…

Do one with the six members and a ‘‘Explosion’’ (like the third background you showed) Background n’ stuff you know? No text if possible (or two different version).

It would be epic!

now thats nice, i’ve saved them so i can use one of them.

They look great :smiley:

Could you also do different colours/design/contrast of the 3 covers? It would give more variety for the LPUers :smiley:


Great cover artworks! I’ll use one of them, if “fb timeline” appear on my profile.

I’ve been out of the Linkin Park loop lately (besides chat). I’ll get more of these done soon with more colors, too