LP Underground CDs

Hello everyone,

I have a question concerning the LP Underground releases. Is it actually possible to buy the LPUs in the store? I’ve seen that some of them are also available as a CD, but I can’t add them to my cart. It always adds the digital download versions, although I’d like to buy the CDs. Aren’t they available anymore or is it just a problem with the website?

You can only buy the digital versions of the old LPU cds. That’s why it simply adds that and not a physical copy.

So, the only way to get any of the CDs is to buy the bundle with merchandise (e.g. LPU 7 & 9)?

LPU 1-4 and 6 are not available in the store anymore, You can Buy 5, 7, 8, 9, X and 11 I believe through the store. the older LPU CD’s pop up on eBay from time to time, but be warned they tend to fetch lump sums.

But how can I buy the CDs that are still available? When I want to add a CD to my cart, it always adds the digital download version and I have no option whatsoever to change it :frowning:

I just checked it and you right… Normally you could selected if you want the digital or the cd, but you can not do that now… i don’t know way… maybe you can sent a mail to the LPU…

Thats because there are no more, or very few cds of that year left. They’re rare so they keep 'em for giveaways and stuff I imagine. Settle with the digital version or try to get them via ebay without being fooled and being sent a fake.

I.e. I can currently only buy CDs in the store if I ordered a bundle like the LPU 7 or 9? I think it would be fair if they offered at least one or two CDs without merchandise…

I have the same problem. All CDs (also 5, 7, 8, 9, X, 11) only digital when I add to cart.

But you do! You can buy the physical cds of LPU5, 7,8, X and 11. The rest, like I said above, are rare and they’re keeping them for special things

Actually he don’t. Try yourself.

I did and it works o.O It doesn’t say digital version. Dunno what’s going on guys


No choice buy a psychical CD… Only digital. Even those albums that are supposedly available. Psychical CD not cost $5,99 (LPU8). Should be a choice (and was): digital or psychical CD. Psychical CDs cost $10. Digital CDs cost $5,99 or $9,99. Now is only digital price everywhere…

I hope you understood.

I wish with all the money raised by the members one day they’ll remake olds CDs.
One question : can we purchase in euros ?

Maybe they don’t ship any CDs to Europe… Funny thing is, that you actually can buy CDs but only the bundle versions. Is that the way you treat fans? Wow…

I bought LPUX and LPU11 earlier so I don’t know.

I went on to get a point item and wanted to add the LPUX cd cause I only got the digital version and boom! You were right, it switched to just digital :confused: Dunno why…

Repaired :slight_smile: