LP Underground Account help

I purchased 2 LPU Plus passes (1 for me and 1 for the Mrs) but was only allowed to register one account online. Put both passes on one order

I am assuming that if I had bought each pass separately, I would have been able to register twice with two accounts - yes?

I have my account and my wife wants her own.


As long as you have separate email addresses, then you can have 2 accounts or contact Support for more info :wink:

Yeah. You should get two different co firmations

Thanx. Have logged a ticket with GroundCtrl. Will wait to see what happens

with two on one account are you able to get more tickets?

Dont know. Not that it matters now - not thinking this will be sorted out soon. Have my GC tickets for JHB and CPT concerts so I am super stoked. Would not be purchasing more tickets anyway…

Its entering the contest for the M&G that I am most interested in. You apparently cannot take partners to these things if you are chosen.