LP Underground 16 Available Now!

Memberships and merchandise for LP Underground 16 are now available for purchase, and like the last couple of years, there are multiple different tiers.

<b>Click Here to Show Membership Options</b>

Aside from buying another membership, you can also separetely purchase the LPU 16 Laminate + Lanyard for $5.00 and LPU 16 (Digital Download) for $7.00 if you currently have an active membership.

<b>Click Here to See the LPU16 CD Tracklist</b>

New website coming soon!

For more information, visit http://lpunderground.com/

##Need Help?

Don’t hesitate to ask! Below are some questions I’ve seen others already ask that might help you.

After purchasing your package, you should receive an email titled “Receipt from Linkin Park”. Open this email and there should be a link to see your web receipt. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and there should be a link to your download.

Still don’t see it? Make sure you bought the right package. The $10 online membership does not include the digital download, but you are not able to buy the download separately for $7 at https://linkinpark.com/store/music/11401/lpu-16-digital-download.

If you bought this package, you should get an email titled “A special thank you for your recent Linkin Park purchase!” that will give you a coupon to purchase the $10 online membership for free

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If you receive an error while purchasing your package please do not keep trying. you may get charged multiple times. It’s probably safe to wait until the matter is fully resolved before making your purchase. Example of error below

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I’ll have to wait until I get out of this situation to upgrade or what not.

Ok, so I guess that secondary email with the 100% off membership is their way of activating the Digital Membership?

The way the email is worded makes it sound like a bonus gift to the purchase. I think they should make it clear that the coupon is meant to be used to enable the Digital Membership.

I was confused about that as well, but it seems so

It would have to be since my membership still shows that it expires in 2017, rather than 2018.

Use the code you get in your email to purchase a LPU Digital Membership, it will automatically add the code and waive the $10.00 fee. It will extend your membership 1 year.

Apparently it is stated on the deluxe package section at http://lpunderground.com/ (unless it was just added), but yes, follow what @derek said

Yea, I get it. I’m just throwing it out there that perhaps they should edit what that email says because it kinda implies it is a gift on top of the membership. Not everyone pays attention and needs specific instructions, you know? lol

I should be getting my package when “Santa” puts it under the tree.

Here’s to my tenth consecutive year in the LPU.


Hey guys! The Deluxe Bundle + Membership triggers an email with the coupon for an LPU Digital Membership. Click the 100% off coupon to redeem the membership, follow the instructions, and it will be applied to your account.

This only applies to the deluxe edition!


Lorenzo had a short stream just now showing off the merch close up if anyone wants to take a look before buying!

Linkin Park did the same thing in their Facebook live video last week, too.

It came to my attention that an option to complete an LPU order with paypal is nowhere to be found?
Did they remove the option?
Can somebody help me with this?

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Hey @daveygoud, PayPal is not available right now. However, credit cards or debit cards are accepted.

  • LPU HQ

how do i use my debit card? it has an IBAN-number on it but that’s two characters longer than allowed

I love the merch,I love you guys and I love lpu 16 :heart:

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I got the following message:

Any country I choose, I get the same message.

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I really wanted that scarf to be honest but I ain’t paying that much for it. Going for the Welcome bundle whenever the site decides to accept my credit card (which needs to happen fast cause I want the physical cd).

Also, were shipping fees always that high for the UK? It was much cheaper for Greece.

EDIT: It appears that my bank decided to block my card, they thought someone stole it cause it was being used from the UK, lol. It’s sorted now, just renewed to 16 :smiley:

Yeah! Gotta buy that package today