LP - Rybnik, Poland - Help please

I’m flying from the UK to see LP play in Rybnik and I wish to stay for a few days, could anyone possibly recommend where to stay in Rybnik or nearby?

In Rybnik it can be impossible, everything is occupied. But from 22 to 24 August that city offers a campsite.
Maybe something in Katowice, it’s 30-60mins away from Rybnik. Here for sure you can find something

Thanks a lot, I also noticed that there were not many Hotels in Rybnik, I may stay in Katowice then. Is there any form of public transport from Katowice to Rybnik?

Yes, trains, buses etc.
I think Rybnik will do additional buses to Katowice at night since not many buses are riding after 11PM and show ends at 11.30PM or something like this

If you ever need help, you and always ask someone from LPU. I’m ready to translate and help :slight_smile: See you in Rybnik!

Where can I find the bus timetable? I didn’t book an accommodation in Rybnik also, and I want to book elsewhere - in Katowice, but I don’t know how can I get to Katowice at night right after the concert. :frowning: If somebody can take me there, I will pay for the fuel of course.

Hey, I’m thinking of getting a taxi to Katowice after the concert, i have a rough idea how much it’ll cost in GBP (£30-40) no idea what that is in PLN.

Go here: http://bus-inter.pl/rozklad/rybnik-katowice

and follow the steps:

  1. click on “KUP BILET”

  2. you will be able to choose the date etc. Choose exactly like on screenshot:

And then click on “pokaz połączenia”

  1. click on “DO KOSZYKA”:


  3. complete this:

Name, surname, email, email, phone number

  1. choose payment option (that one is “credit card”)

And then click on “KUPUJĘ”

I think that’s all. 1 ticket is 20PLN. Bus will be at 23.45 (11.45PM) or 30mins after the show (if show will end later than 23.45)

Thank you for the quick answer! I have filled the form as you wrote, but the online payment was not successful (I’m sure I have enough money on my card). Do I have other option to pay, f.e. before getting on the bus? I sent an email to the support team also.

I will stay also in katowice near train station, maybe a cheap hostel. Will arrive on monday 11 am. Maybe i would be interested to get an taxi to katowice after the show with sombody else

In which bank you have a card? It’s an international bank or local?

It’s an international bank named Unicredit Bank. I retried the reservation, but it’s failed also.

I still don’t have luck with the ticket reservation. I think I will retry it tomorrow, they maybe do a maintenance right now or something.

I got the email that the reservations was placed. I hope I can refund the +1 ticket. :slight_smile:

I have booked an accommodation also. Thank you for the help, glad to meet such kind and helpful mate all over the world! :slight_smile:

wezmiemy taxi? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey when do you arrive in katowice from UK? I arrive at monday from germany. Maybe we can look togeher for a cheap hotel to stay

z kim się widzimy na m&g? :smiley:

Ze mną! No i oczywiście z samym zespołem, a jakżeby inaczej xD

I arrive in Katowice on Monday, I think I’m staying near the centre, not too sure on the name of the place, I’m also hoping to get w taxi back to Katowice if possible :l

Not me. I’m lucky…as always :confused: Grh…I hope that finally they will change mg rules. Have fun ppl :wink: