Lp playing IHeart Radio Music Festival 2012

Hi everyone. This morning on tweeter Greenday announced they will be playing the Iheart radio festival in Las Vegas. When I clicked on the website it stated that Linkin Park will be playing day two of the festival September 22nd !! Just wanted to give u all a heads up :slight_smile:

Heard about this earlier today. Pretty cool to see a festival have big names from all different music genres in one show. I’m liking the fusion. Sounds pretty awesome actually. Hopefully it gets streamed so we can see it.

Thank god for live stream huh Holden? Supposedly yahoo is going to live stream it!

Yeah haha That is awesome that yahoo is going to do that. Hopefully Warner won’t troll us again! lol

That would be amazing if it does get streamed. Hopefully we find out soon. It would save me the expense of driving to vegas plus hotel and stuff. :slight_smile:

tickets are crazy expensive for floor :frowning:
i would love to go but i might just settle for trying to win contests haha xD

^ Yeah, I heard tickets range anywhere from like $82 to like $645! haha Thank god I live on the opposite coast and wouldn’t be tempted to go to see LP and drop huge dollars lol