LP in Red Square: LPU members at LP's show Moscow, TF3 premiere, June 23, 2011

Is there anyone who was there by LPU RSVP-tickets??? Especially LPUers NOT from Russia, who visit our country specially for this show… Unfourtanatly, there was no M&G, but tickets for LPUers was free :wink:

i was there by LPU RSVP))) this was great luck that i got this ticket))

Me! I didn’t get ticket from nrj as you now… They’re liars even I have competed in each competition…

I was there) and it is unforgettable!

A once in a lifetime chance! espcially considering Red squares history and how not very often american bands can play there.

I was one of those who got a ticket for the show from LPU! It was an amazing concert that I will never forget. :’)

I couldn’t miss that! [mrgreen] Great show (but short!). Cool place for band to play, but not soo cool for fans see the show.