LP - FNB Stadium South Africa - 90,000 People

This will be the biggest show ever! I say make a dvd of this one :smiley:

So you say that they sold 90k tickets for FNB show?

Yes it is very possible. We sold out very quickly and the seating alone is around 45 000. Standing might be close to that number as well.

The seating for fnb stadium is ±95,000 alone, with the standing its gona be huge

Yeah making a dvd for this one would be great! It’s going to be so insane. I can’t wait!!

The biggest LP show so far was in Sao Paulo in 2004, and that was near 80,000. We are definately breaking that record :smiley: Big ups to SA!!!

The show was sold out in a matter of days.

I must say, I cant wait…

Because LP has never been in SA… EVERYONE would want to come… So yeah… 90% of LP fans in SA would be there :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt they would make a DVD of this show though… Seeing that this is an external event and not presented/hosted by the promoters.

Sooooooorrry ne

We will break the LPU record at this show so hope they make the DVD [biggrin]

We will break the LPU record at this show so hope they make the DVD [biggrin]

It it going to be epic!!!

The U2 concert at FNB was sold out and the crowd was recorded at 94,000, so we will definately be reaching a number close to that! Got goosebumps already!

hey all its crazy how many people are going mad over this concert lol myself and my boyfriend brought standing tickets because linkin park was sold out lol soo then we found a guy on gumtree that was selling golden circle for 2000 each SO we brought those … we spent alot of money lol and u have to pay to sing up to this soite haha so u can imagen lol but we managed to sell the standing ones lol thanks goodness lol .

whats this about making a dvd whos making a dvd ?

everything is sold out for linkin park concert in JHB …

im sooo excited i hope all of u have a fab time xxxxxx
lisa xxx

who knows how the meet and greets are going to work and how we get in earie with the passes we get ?

Lol! Lisa, I would have done the same if I didn’t get golden circle! Luckily I got my gc tickets here on the lpu site, like 3mins after it opend :-D. Oh, the dvd making is a wish I stated, as this concert at fnb stadium will be break the record of the biggest crowd lp has ever had so far! For ur meet n greet answers, check Adam’s blog, he also answers the question about early entry. Meet n greet - they randomly choose 60-70 lpu members to attend. It can be more depending on the size of the venue. We have over 600 entries already for the jhb show :frowning: let’s hope we get lucky!

Yeah the JHB show is gonna be epic! It sold out so fast that people from JHB who didnt get tickets are coming to Cape Town just for the show! Awesome right?! The real LP fans! The Cape Town show has 299 entries, so I hope i get chosen!!

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HAHA lol i know
Shaun Muthaya
hehehe but i just have to ssee them lololol gosh i hope we get a meet and greet ekk lololol have a fab night

That’s amazing! That will be such a huge show, I’d love to see that on DVD!