LP concerts aren't that good. :(


I would love it if they played songs suchs as High Voltage, Dedicated and Step Up live. I kind of hoped they would play one of those -to me- epic songs during their Hunting Party Tour here in Europe. But like some have said already, you can’t please everybody and even without those songs their shows are totally awesome.


Mannn I would love to hear hit the floor live and easier to run that would complete my life seriously though two of my favorites.

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They can’t please everyone with playing everyone’s favorite song(s). But they could please so many more if they played a mixture of fan favorites and changeable songs( even just 1 song whould do it). And yes their shows are always amazing even though they only play almost the same concert every time. Of the about 20 songs they play live, 1 of them could be swapped with another song for every concert or so. The title of this topic is wrong! My bad. Hopefully they listen to what the LPU community want from them in terms of their concerts and maybe do something about it. If not, they will carry on doing what they have always done and they will still be awsome!! LP play the fan favorite as awsome as always!!