LP and GNR?

Any of you guys also like GNR? Wondering if I’m the only one… lol

is that a band? i might heard of that before but knojfdksjafklsda guns and roses?
they are cool :3

yeh Guns N’ Roses…

LP covered Sweet Child O’Mine live in their early days.


There good, but not my favorite

i like guns and roses but i got pissed off when slash left.i went to gnr concert on NYE 2012 at the hard rock

I agree. They’re kinda a circus act now without Slash. But man, Appetite For Destruction is still a classic record. :slight_smile:

In my early teens I was a HUGE fan of them. I got obsessed over November Rain. And then I instantly bought all their records. And listened to them non-stop.
Nowadays they aren’t that good anymore.
I still enjoy listening to my fav. songs of them.

But Linkin Park… beats them completely in my eyes! I am a true hardcore LP fan. Never had that devotion for GNR. But still, they are/were really good!