Lost in the echo in Bristow!

Am I wrong in saying that tomorrow we will be the first ones to hear lost in the echo live ??? :DDDD

I’m so excited !!!

I’m sorry, since you clearly are excited, but Lost In The Echo was performed already last week during the SiriusXM Radio Townhall Event. However, tomorrow WILL be the FIRST official tour date performance!

Well, but it will be the first time in a public concert, and I guess the first video on Youtube that people can actually watch.

Maybe not Lost in the Echo but first for a lot of songs from Living Things! See you tonight LPU!

Yes they will play LITE and In My Remains in a large probability!
Yesterday they played a Mash Up between Victimized and Qwerty at a special rehearsal concert in Bristow, Jiffy Lube Live!