Lost in the echo exact lyrics please?

Hey all
Started a one day project, to translate an old video, merely because of an inability to work on other things
(motivation is key for me to work, employers had a rough time w me :stuck_out_tongue: )
it’s all about purposes of things being done and the priorities of the results expected.
i never expected employers to understand :stuck_out_tongue:²
oh, i actually did… so i quit that…

I have so much to finish… but the only thing that could motivate me today was to prove once and for all to my fellow countrymen that LP is the best band in history!
This can be verified (instead of proven) once more and this time with only two songs,
Castle of Glass and Lost in the Echo.

Then i reached this moment again, where the lyrics reported in different websites are different
and i got there as i realized only when translating that there’s one or two word’s i’m not sure of.

But then… not only was i so certain that the song said “There and back, yeah, my soul ain’t sell”
but most lyrics sites report “damn, i’m back, yeah, my soul ain’t sell”

So i was wondering if someone has the CD around them to verify with the booklet because i can still hear “There and back” and lyrics sites seem to agree i’m wrong…
being merely “back” is different than being “there and back” if you know what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

I am 38 years old,
i don’t have passed things “handy” :smile:
Thx LPU!

additional credit (optional):
Who can help a Greek understand the phrase : kept respect up the vets stay their.
can we translate it to school english, as it’s just all Greek to me? :slight_smile:
"kept the respect high, while the veterans keep their own? (my best “intelligent” guess)


I’ve always heard “there and back, yet my soul ain’t sell”
This is also verified by Genius which I believe is the most credible lyric site.

Is this referencing the line right after the other one you were asking about in LITE?



@the_termin8r saves the day,
does it fast, and receives the optional credit too!

I knew this is a brother you can count on!

a) LPU members know better than lyric sites
"There and back" wins!
b) “the best, they fell”, now that makes perfect sense!

i owe you one bro!
translation at 100% and here’s the vid back from 2013.
i hope you enjoy some visuals on those lines for a reward!
They are more accurate in my life today than they were even back when this video was made.
It’s in fact, a dedication from my past to the present and future.
the closing point of a circle is the starting one.

@evooba can verify and tell me if i approached the meanings well, and not just translate the words as heartless translators do!
(Uploading them within 10 mins)

@jrtrussell thx for the contribution brother!


That’s how I roll. :stuck_out_tongue:


always looking cool while highly overclocked :wink:

@LP13413 i considered a call to the LPU team faster than looking up the lyric videos
and @the_termin8r proved me right!
but indeed, the official one could do wonders :stuck_out_tongue:


“Kept respect up, the rest they fell”.

Help with what? @the_termin8r already posted the full lyrics.

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Finally pinned a nice translation down for our friends in Greece dear @evooba
check that out, on the vid above (CC button)

but coming to think of it…
i didn’t do it for … “friends” :stuck_out_tongue:

My fault here, didn’t “outcall”
Team, you may disassemble!

My Greek is not good enough for that.