Looking for hq recording/material - LP Rock am Ring 2004


Hi there everyone,
LP‘s show @ Rock am Ring 2004 was my very first live experience of LP and I would like to have the recording of that show in the best quality possible. In my opinion this was an extraordinary performance of HT & Meteora and the reason for sparking my life long obsession with LP‘s music. Does anyone know of a source other than downloading off of YouTube? I‘m not asking for a bootleg cd but maybe I‘m missing some sort of other release. I‘m not aware of any LPU related content involving that show. I am also tempted to ask the broadcaster who originally taped the show in Germany for access to the „original“ file whatsoever for best quality. Thank you for any input and if you haven’t seen the show, do it now! The energy was incredible and nobody held up theirs phones, everyone focused on the show. Simply awesome.

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My two favourite channels on YT when it comes to live shows are these:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvCc-5cszBn3jz1Utjzez8w and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGT1Pr7X1xEsN5kM1kEMqWg

Both have the full show you are looking for up on their channels. Have a look, maybe it’s not the highest of qualities that you are seeking but definitely worth a look.

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