London 24th, Videos and Pictures, please

If any1 got some videos or pictures. Plesae share with us. Im looking for videos and pictures end of the song Waiting for the end, and when fans were on the stage during Bleed it out.

How did you get to meet Chester? Your pics are awesome.
I did try to take a few pics on my sons phone and couple videos which unfortunately were all I could take before his phone said memory full. Also, even though my son has a good phone, the quality of the pics of the stage seem somewhat rubbish.
Who did you go with? I was a great night.

hey people i was one of the lucky person to get on stage so i will share 2 of my pictures with you people on here

Brilliant. Well done. Some awesome pics there.

thank you something i will never forget :smile:


I was there :slight_smile: amazing night. Got a couple of short vids crap quality though as done on an iPhone