Living Things

I love the new Album!!! Its fucking amizing!!

I know right it is awesome!!!11

Amazing album, my favorite yet!

Victimized!! Victimized!! never again Victimized!!

yeah it is really nice but the end of “UNTIL IT BREAKS” is so boring :S

Again an exelent job by Linkin Park. Succes!

I think Until it Breaks is my least favourite on the album x

Is a very great album, with many great songs :slight_smile: I love it

i got it yesterday but i havent listened to it yet
im going to ask a friend if he wants to listen to it with me together but if not
ill listen to it as soon as possible , turn it on hardcore and make the neighbours go CRAZY

its beautiful!

album ratings:

1.Living things & Meteora
2. Minutes to midnight & Hybrid theory
3. A Thousand Suns

I’m actually obsessed with the album!!! its amazing!! :smiley:

Overall I think this album is very solid and there best since Meteora. ATS they got closer to there blend new sound, this one hits it pretty perfectly. Has a great touch of Old and New LP in it. I think chester should have done more on the album, voice wise but besides that, great album. Mike is at the top of his rap sound, and chester is as great as always, and mike singing turned out really well. The first track sets the album up and is a goose bump type song, then the last track finishes it great with powerless and chester. GREAT JOB GUYS. Tracks that could have been better and will start to get skipped, then END OF UNTIL IT BREAKS… I agree, pretty boring and dull for a minute or so. And Victimized is short, should have been a stronger longer song focusing on Chester for a full 4 minute song. The rest of the tracks, awesome and only one little instrumental towards the end. Overall a 9 out of 10 for sure. AWESOME

‘‘I mean, it’s kinda about like being victimized and stuff and like saying never again. That’s what it’s about.’’

EPIC ! :smiley:

The album is really good. :slight_smile: I like it allot. I think it is all we can ask for from Linkin Park these days. It’ll be the soundtrack to allot of days now for sure. :slight_smile:

I’d have to disagree with how boring Until It Breaks is. I love the gritty, hardcore hip-hop beat it’s got. It sort of sounds like something that would be on a Fort Minor album. Then Brad comes in with vocals and surprised the hell out of me. I love the whole album but that song is a little different for me… i dont know haha

lost in the echo:
perfect intro, captures the energy of the whole record, love mike’s agressive rapping

in my remains:
goosebumps on “like an army…” when chester joins mike, just perfectly melting into each other!

burn it down:
despite the lyrics it feels like a party song, the vibe makes you want to move to it. perfect live!

lies greed misery:
awesome electronic parts, extrem bass line- i love it! chester’s screaming on “you did it to yourself!” INCREDIBLE!!

i’ll be gone:
power ballad. catchy song. really like chesters clean singing

castle of glass:
perfect mike&chester match :smiley: mike’s singing is overwhelming in the first verse.

starts like a punk song, melts into calm and pleasant singing from mike and explodes into a hardcore song with chesters sickest screams ever!! just LOVE it! can’t wait to hear that live!

roads untravelled:
I have always been a fan of mike singing. this feels a bit like “no roads left”, but builds up even more intensity :heart: “may your love never end and if you need a friend there’s a seat here alongside me.” GOOSEBUMPS ALL OVER AGAIN ! :heart:

skin to bone:
even though the entire record seemed very unpredictable to me, this one seemed to be like that but even more. love the vibe of the song.the beats are very creative. love the lyrics

until it breaks:
wow- brad singing? and even this good? thumbs up! the songs feels so timeless. epic. rap part is sick :smiley:

reminds me of the old times. a bit like session. typical for LP & pretty good !

this one also feels very epic & timeless. chesters amazing voice & echoes as well as the easy distorted guitars are a perfect ending for the record

i’m obsessed with it :heart: