LIVING THINGS streaming yesterday

iTunes US has given the full streaming of the album. Do you listen it? Which are your favourite? Or you wait for June 26? :slight_smile:

The best are “In My Remains”, “I’ll Be Gone” and the three ballad: “Castle of Glass”, “Roads Untraveled” and “Powerless”.

Lost In The Echo
Lies Greed Misery
I’ll Be Gone

Waiting :slight_smile:

Still waiting. Don’t wanna loose the magic

I heard the songs in Hamburg, so I can wait to hear them again :wink:
Lost in the echo

I heard the stream. I’m not listening to the CD again until the 26th.

[quote=keepcool]Lost In The Echo
Lies Greed Misery
I’ll Be Gone

Victimized is cool :slight_smile:

[quote=Michael Schneider][quote=keepcool]Lost In The Echo
Lies Greed Misery
I’ll Be Gone

Victimized is cool :)[/quote]

I was honestly anticipated it but it sounded like a hybrid of QWERTY and Bleed It Out. But it’s still rad.

lost in the echo is amazing!!! I`m a little disappointed of victimized… The songs 1 - 7 are great and amazing!!! I love it!!!

I didn’t listen to it, since I pre-ordered the album and don’t wanna waste either my money or my anticipation.

I am waiting for the 26th. I don’t want to disappoint Mike’s #LIVINGTHINGSReleaseDayChallenge :wink:

Didn’t listen to it. Still waiting till the 26th!

Overall great album, too short, first track sets the tone, solid through the end, only one instrumental really and great album, cant wait for full release and B sides. Mike is at his best in this album for sure, hitting his stride, love it. A perfect step up from ATS, great combo of OLD and New LP.

Despite Mike’s suggestion to wait for the official release to have a party was not my plan so I listened to it. I mean, it was great. The opener, Lost in the Echo is my favorite. It’s actually stuck in my head xD. But the album very diverse; lot of singing by Mike which I quite enjoy and rapping of course. Some really insane vocals by Cestwr are throughout the record. Different styles all mixed in one harmonious Linkin Park album is exactly what you’d expect from the innovative band. Some awesome beats and rhythms. Guitars are quite present and lots of output from Joe. There’s something for everyone on this album which will make it quite successful. In the end (no pun intended) Living Things has come out in flying colers. I cannot wait to go to the LPU summit and see them for the second time his August.

They are all good…but for some reason I instantly became addicted to “Castle of Glass”.

[biggrin] This CD is epic. Hopefully this CD gets more radio play than ATS. I rarely heard, if ever, a song off ATS on the radio where I live (Detroit). I would always hear older songs. Linkin Park deserves better, there music has always been strong and this CD is no exception.

Didn’t dare to listen to it…hahaXD

Its a strong album, I agree the first track sticks in hard, and is solid.
Lost in the echo- 10/10 great sound, good rapping by Mike
In my remains- 10/10, great sound, softer side, really good sound and singning
Burn it down and Lies greed misery both we know are really good songs, enjoyed them when they came out
Castle of glass is extremely enjoyable, more experimentation and soft sides, loving mike signing and chesters voice on these tracks.
Victimized- probably my least favorite track, very short, seems pointless, but liked the screaming from chester and was still pretty cool, but only a minute and something long.
Roads untraveled, 10/10, mikes voice is great on this
Skin to bone, 9/10 great sound overall
Until it breaks 10/10 MIKE BRINGS IT OLD SCHOOL and is at the top of his rap game on this track with a great break beat, old school feel.
Tinfoiil is another pointless short one, but the only real instrumental intro on this album and leads into powerless which is awesome with chester finishing off the album nicely. 10/10

The biggest problem again, is too short of an album and not enough tracks, 11 real songs is not enough, and one is barely a minute long, so really only 10 songs. But overall start to finish the sound is amazing, and cant wait for the CD and driving with it blasting, and some B sides, and the summit and hearing it LIVE. CANT WAIT. Great job, they hit it much better then minutes to midnight on this one, and I enjoy it more then ATS.

i didnt listen to all the songs yet, only victimized and i thought it was great. probably going to listen to the rest of the songs tomorrow and do my routine of listening to all the previous albums, then launching off the new material :slight_smile:

Theres been a few rips, which make an album. Downloaded it, and its CD quality, i’m happy! :smiley: