Living Things Remix Subscription Album Art?

OK so I noticed that there’s no official album art for the album remixes that you get when you preordered the album off the site. I’m a little bit pedantic about having album art for everything so I got cracking on a little something…

what do you guys think?

Dude! This is friggin’ fantastic man!!

Hey there,
Well the whole thing looks good, but i have 1 suggestion for you, which i guess it will let it look
much better, i noticed u added that feathered rectangular shape behind the text, coz when you made that fast blur effect or something like that the white LP-LT title will be hard to read, so remove that rectangle, and let the title in red, and that line WE ARE ALIVE TOGETHER, you can position it somewhere down, and make sure all caps.
Good luck, and thanks for sharing.

looks awesome :slight_smile: