Living Things Remix #3

YET another BID remix. Love the song but really was hoping for a remix of one of their other songs.

Im guessing they’re all gunna be burn it down

Is this a joke?

Sadly, it’s not. It’s a clear overdose of Burn it Down remixes. After listening to never ending unauthorized remixes, I don’t find much difference between the approved ones & non-approved ones.

Seriously it’s time for another fucking track.

and i was sure we get LITE Remix…
the new BID mix is not on the “BURN IT DOWN REMIXES” CD, i don’t know what i should think about it.
5 Songs left…new songs or more BID???[confused]

This has gotten to the point where I seriously doubt myself for ordering the cd from LP. What the fuck? 1 BID remix, ok…2nd remix ok again but NOT a third fucking BID remix. That’s so pathetic and lame.

I’ve got to say I’m a bit disappointed now. Surely there’s gonna be others??? X

First of all, are those remixes crap (except for the first one) and then it’s been always Burn It Down. That disappointed me somehow.

They should change its name to BURN IT DOWN Remix Subscription. Seriously.
Maybe next time they’ll get a different song. Maybe next time…

They should!
And I hope so. Burn It Down is raped enough now. I mean… Paul Van Dyk? Come on!

BID Remix #1: “Oh ok, that makes sense, it’s their single. Hm, I kinda like this remix.”

BID Remix #2: “Umm…ok, well I guess if there’s 12 months and 12 tracks, that SHOULD mean maybe 1 remix per track, but I guess you can’t really do much with Tinfoil. Too bad the remix is terrible.”

BID Remix #3: “Ok really, what the fuck. This is ridiculous. We don’t need 3 remixes of the same damn song, especially if they’re like this and clearly meant to be club dance tracks. Doesn’t anyone remember Reanimation anymore? THOSE were remixes.”

For the love of god LP, release another single so we can at least get a new remix.

the new remix is the best!!