LIVING THINGS acapellas and instrumentals!

“Attention producers and DJs: LIVING THINGS acapellas and instrumentals are coming soon.”

Mike posted this on twitter and I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited about it, LP instrumentals are always amazing and they sound great even without vocals on 'em.

So what do you guys think about it?

I can’t wait to hear!! Always enjoyed hear instrumentals and acapella songs.

i think its going to be awesome, with acapellas u can hear all the stuff u cant hear in a song and then once u listen to the song again u can hear the stuff u picked out. and although if u listen hard enough u can force on the instrumental part of the song. it can be done D:<

Oh, I’am curoius about that. I love acapellas. [smile][smile][smile]

Can’t wait [smile]

can’t wait to grab the pack, time to open up ableton and create a wicked remix!!

There definitely has to be a contest connected to this.

I’m waiting for the acapellas!!!

[quote=Holden]There definitely has to be a contest connected to this.

i am legitimately so stoked for this. i’ve wanted linkin park to officially release instrumentals/acapellas/multi-tracks for so so long. i’m not a dj and i have no idea how to remix stuff but i love listening to them and hearing things you can’t normally hear on the albums. it’s incredible.

and i cant be the only one excited for the SKIN TO BONE acapella. because i mean come on those vocals. unf.

ouu cant wait for things

I love Acapellas and instrumentals! Im so excited for it :wink: