?! Where are you?

Does anyone know what´s wrong with
I don´t know if anythings wrong here with the PCs in this house or if the page really doesn´t open anymore…But it never works.

Do you have the same problem?
Does anybody know what´s going on?

It looks fine to me…??


The webpage has a new desing but it still has some errors.

Apparently they’re still working on the new design and all. For me, it loads but lags too much

new template now online! look so good! [wink]

It’s not loading for me either. I thought something was wrong with my computer, glad I’m not the only one.

try this:


Tried both and neither worked for me :frowning:

Yeah, I got that too! I won’t load =(

its because you probably all use IE

it works fine in google chrome

just some wrong with the codes that IE wont be able to work with
thats why mostly people say IE sucks lolo

It works again :wink:

But thank you for your help!!!


I tried a different browser and it worked! Thank you for your help!!!