Hi, so for some reason I can’t get on! The page just shows up blank. It’s pretty frustrating. This is the only website that does this. Does anyone know why or how to fix this? Thanks

Its happening to me too. I don’t know what’s happening.

Ive not been able to get in for ages either nearly a week i think. At first i was having issues with not being able to access my groups or get to my profile page. It sometimes loads the living things preorder page but when i click on enter site doesnt load page at all, its blank. So it’s not just me with this problem then.
I asked some of my friends and they said they’re getting in with no troubles. I hope someone can help us out.
Its really annoying me now.

Try another browser guys and if it still doesn’t work, delete your cookies and try again. Works fine for me.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will definitely need to change browsers in order to view the page.

Thanks guys! and it’s nice to know i’m not the only one with this problem

someone else already started a topic about this

like i said before
try out google chrome
works fine in that browser
or perhaps firefox, bet it works in that too

doesnt work in IE
hence why many people say IE sucks
a lot of coding doesnt match IEs brain or however you wanna call it

thnx guys i’ll give it a try

thnx so much guys using google chrome i got into the site now

Thanks everyone switched browsers and it works fine :slight_smile:

its ashamed and a bit annoying it doesnt work in IE though
gotta admit that