Linkin Park without Chester


What do you think of Linkin Park to continue without Chester? No one can ever replace him and basically LP without Chester - I don’t know…

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I’d be the happiest person alive if they come back. I just can’t wait to see them together…
They grown up together making music, doing what they love…and I think they should continue to do it, however they want. Of course they need time…but I really hope that one day we’ll see them on stage


I’m optimistic that Linkin Park will forge on in the future.

It will definitely be a weird change at first, but they have my support.

In a way, it’s really bittersweet. There’s endless Linkin Park content on the Internet. Concert footage, bootlegs, interviews, LPTV etc. etc. that it almost feels like he’s still here. His spirit is still very much alive.

Mike talks about it near the end of this one.


It’s nobody’s decision except these 5 guys on what they want to do, how they want to do it, and when they want to do it. My personal preference would be to drop the name Linkin Park, simply because a large portion of the sound that Linkin Park created is gone. But from a business perspective, I completely understand why getting rid of the name Linkin Park and starting with a new name, would be a mistake.


I don’t know,follow your heart,I’ll alway’s be with you.


Does not matter, whatever LP decide to do we will support them all. They have given us so much beauty over the years, so now we just have to trust them :slight_smile:
Just follow you hearts and lead the way, we will follow if you are true :sunny:


I think Linkin Park should continue their journey with all of our support!
They can play any genre and it is totally their choice to choose which direction
to move and how to do it.
Texans have your back no matter what you do!


2 cents:
The light on the horizon was brighter yesterday…

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New Year’s Eve Resolution 2007: At least one concert per month. Been a few, but the number one concert on my life was Linkin Park at be Hollywood Bowl October 27, 2017. It was Linkin Park and Friends remembering Chester. Really hoping the guys don’t let this be their last concert. How many of you were there? If you weren’t, you know you can see the show on YouTube…


I really miss Chester, but for me LP is more than Chester. All bandmates are so special and talented. I wished they would make music together!!!


I personally believe that Chester would want all of his freinds and bandmates to go on, and never quit. Everyone is just so talented and very cohesive. I don’t know about a name change, I just know what ever they decide, I will always love their music, and be a continual fan.

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Shut up

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On one hand I’d like to see guy play (together or not) and know what’s up with them.
On the other - I guess it would be kind of painful for them and the fans to see a black hole where Chester stood.

A new member in the band? I’m not sure. It’s up to them. But I’m not sure how I’d feel about it. Sort of Queen + Adam Lambert?

I had no problem with Chester singing STP songs but I wasn’t STP fan. Just heard of them.

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I think it would be hard at first. Since Mike has shown he can make awesome songs without CB (I hate saying that. It sounds bad. Dont mean it that way.) I think they can continue. Maybe. They all are great musicians. Maybe collaborate for awhile with diff singers/artists. I just hate CB isnt here. I saw Mike in Dallas in Oct. It was emotional. I did cry. Others cried. But for a musician who cant make music, is prob gut wrenching. #ripchesterb

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Hey!!! Never said anything against the band! Just flagged your comment. I don’t accept people being rude just because I wanted to know what others think!

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Wasn’t being rude.


Telling someone to shut up like that out of the blue is pretty rude tho

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