Linkin Park Underground Email?

Hi guys. I was flicking through a few of my CDs earlier and I came across one LPU card that said we would get access to an exclusive email address. I googled it and apparently this was through squirrelmail. Does anyone know if this is still a thing and if so, how I access it?

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From its inception through LPU9, everybody had an e-mail account through the website, much like G-mail. That went away with the launch of LPUX, when the LPU was merged with


Yeeees! I had once a eminem email adress and they had a forum there too! Same thing! They removed everything and deleted it with a new make over! This is the reason I would never use a fanbased email account again in my life. Once you use it for example really necessary stuff and then one week to the other everything is lost!