Linkin Park & Taylor Swift?

Do you love it or hate it ???

I hate :wink:


Ewww, no! Kendrick and LP with Swift? Ugh, no freaking way!

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Just NO. TS is amongst my top 5 most hated musical acts. And when it comes to LP’s own songs NOBODY replaces Mike and Chaz on vocals. Though I like the fact that you’ve tried something new.

If I was to mix LP with another artist it would probably be Hollywood Undead or Blacklistt or Red or TFK or Evanescence or OMAM.

@the_termin8r1 mix with Lenny Dee, why not.

I’m not familiar with Lenny Dee (If I’m honest I’ve never hear of him).

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@the_termin8r1. Lenny Dee plays often in Holland but everywhere in the world in fact.

If you want to listen to his style. :wink:

Not bad, though this isn’t my sort of music. Also the bass beat sounded like the one from the victimized remix on recharged.

That’s not bad at all! I mean, sounds so weird yeh but you made a good mashup at the end of the day!! :slight_smile:

now fort minor ft kendrick will be good!

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I am not a fan of mashups (LP/Jay-Z types are rarities). I like it when a rock/metal band covers a pop/folk song. Something like this: (The song is an official cover, the video is just something you can ignore :slight_smile: )

My fav cover of a song at the moment is Red’s cover of ‘Ordinary world’ by Duran Duran. I don’t know why but the original just makes me cringe.



[quote=“BigBadBen, post:10, topic:10452, full:true”]
now fort minor ft kendrick will be good!
[/quote] HELL YES!!

Actually, now that I think of it, Hollywood Undead and LP have been mixed. The second remix of ‘All for nothing’ on Viscera uses the main tune from ‘Undead’ by HU.