Linkin Park Tattoo - Please help!

Hey Guys, I am certain that I want to get the HT logo inked (the one on the two-track demo - see here) I was thinking if I want to have it this way or interpreted in some kind. I was thinking of maybe having it appear as if it was a piece of glass shattered on the floor, or maybe as a part of my body burried under my skin (with pieces of skin tearing it apart) or maybe have it look like a distorted picture like the one you would get when the aerial of your TV wasn’t set up properly. What do you think? Original or interpreted? Do you have other ideas? Btw I want to have it on my right shoulder. Thanks in advance for any kind of input. Love you guys - see ya!

If you need a little inspiration, this might be a good place for you.

Saw your video. Pretty cool ink! But I just get a 404-Error from the other links :confused:

I created that thread ages upon ages ago, and I can’t edit the main post, but everything’s in there somewhere.

I think that would be cool. Original, or interpreted but just the letters by themselves, no words…More meaningful , more personal…(just for you.)
Or the letters in the shards of glass broken too like the glass. Bc that is how we all feel right now. …
Above- Just my ideas…Maybe others will have some too. .: )
I’m sure it’s going to come out looking good. : )
Don’t worry. And thanks for saying the last sentiments. That’s kind of how I hope we will all feel with one another. We all just lost someone very dear too all of us. We’re like a family.(A Linkin Park family) : ) lol love you too infinite… I really hope we all will come to each other thorough this. : ) God bless. Good luck w/ your tat. Wanda.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hey, the glass shattered on the floor idea sounds pretty cool.
But, the original thing is special in its own way. I don’t think that helped! But yeah, that’s what I think
Good luck with the tattoo.

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Thanks I’m afraid the shattered glass might be too much over the top, obviously the original one would be easier to make. While the shattered glass idea might get f*ed up by the artist.^^

Anytime. : )

Yeah, true. You’re welcome.

Your very welcome. : ) <3

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