Linkin Park style music (Panama Canal timelapse)


Hi everybody!:slight_smile: I already have uploaded this before, but now it has better mastering:) So, here we go: a real tribute to the Linkin Park music, a mix of my impressions from LPU and demos. This is one of my favorite tracks from the whole In the Lapse of Sea album:)

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Today or tomorrow the “firEPlace versions” album will be released as a pure tribute to Chester and the whole band:) Follow me not to miss a thing:)

P.S. This track name is Between Two Worlds. Give it some shoutout, please:)


Yaaaaayyy!!! Happy for you!!! :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada::sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: Good luck!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :blush:

Nice video as always… :grin:

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Hope you’ll follow me on Spotify, dude :wink:

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How? :sweat_smile: you know, I’m not that social… :see_no_evil:

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I followed you guys. Look forward to hearing more!

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Thank you, dear:)

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