Linkin Park Songs


How many songs of Linkin park You have heared?? 89 songs i have heared.

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All of them


In total, I have got 310 Linkin Park songs (with including the LPU albums). There are some that I need to get so in total, it would be about 330 songs.
An addiction to this are the songs that Chester and Mike have made with other artists with Dead by Sunrise, Fort Minor and STP.

Overall, the total of the songs LP related would be about nearly 400 songs


I’ve heard everything on the studio albums because I’m not an LPU member (sadly), and because that’s all I need to hear. I love the band but I don’t that large of a portion of my music to be just them.


330? Because with all studio albums (CC and remixes included), one off songs like Not alone, some early HT demos and the Xero tape I’ve only got about 290 songs. Maybe I’m missing HT demos or something. If I count Viscera I got to about 305 but Viscera is not official.

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It could be because I have got lots of live versions of songs such as Red Square as well as some of the Stagelight Demos and the Mall soundtrack. I have found some reanimation demos as well as the Hunting Party instrumentals and the vocals only.


If I remember correctly (plus adding Things in My Jeep since it wasn’t around at the time), I believe there’s 143 different Linkin Park songs not counting live songs, remixes, and demos of finished songs

Edit: That’s also missing some of LPU15 and all of LPU16, I think


I have heard many songs from them.


Today i downloaded 28 songs of linkin park. My total songs are 107 :smiley:

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Tell me exact no. Of songs . Dont count lives and remixes.


Yes you are right.


you did what kind of songs do you like anyway im just asking


U r asking about linkin park songs or other one???

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Linkin Park


I heard every song, and I can’t stop listening to at least 3-5 songs per day since years :yum:


Counting with the Live versions, some fanmade albums (The Soldier) and more I have 473 song now, but I don’t have some song fron the CC and Live In Texas is missing in my collection.

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473 songs? Wow!!


only like 18 :grinning:


I have 391 songs, including all of the studio albums, remix albums, underground, live and other songs/demos like the one Mike did during the Linkin Logs.