Linkin Park - Possible Collaboration w/ Dr. Dre ANDOR Eminem?

Hi everyone,

I just watched (or I’m still watching) the ‘Ask Anything’ interview with Mike on Saturday Night Online and I heard something unbelieveable. Someone asked whom Linkin Park/Mike would like to collaborate like on Collision Course again and Mike answered:
[size=26]‘At this moment in time there are probably a very few artists, witth that it would work…like I could see it working with like Eminem I could see it working with like Dr. Dre…’[/size]

…my first reaction was:

PLUS, Mike said, he doesn’t know, but maybe this was gonna run into ‘another Reanimation’. How awesome is that ?

Even if it might take another year or two, if they ever gonna work together with Eminem or Dr. Dre, I gonna freak out. Both of them are totally experts in producing, mastering and mixing, and their rap is just insane. If I had to choose, I think, I’d prefer Eminem, because I think his music is more personal, but Dr. Dre and LP would be dope anyway.

So…what do you think, is this gonna happen ?
Would you like them to collaborate with someone else again ?
Do you like Eminem ANDOR Dr. Dre ?
Please comment [biggrin]

BTW: I know, there are some rumors, Eminem doesn’t like LP’s music, but since there’s no proof, we should leave this out.

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Ummm. No Thanks. Can’t stand any of them at all.

I can’t stand Doctor Dre and his overpriced Beats. I don’t listen to Eminem, but I don’t hate him. I just don’t listen to him. If they did this again i’d prefer Eminem, but i’d rather they do another Reanimation

i think it would be great.i like eminem and dr. dre very much.i think they go well together.eminem was my first favorite artist years ago :slight_smile:

I’d love to see and hear Eminem and Linkin Park work together. Chester, Mike and Eminem together… Hell ya!

If Enimen collaborates with Linkin Park, I won’t buy the album, can’t stand for Eminem. I think it’s an overrated rapper.

Dr. Dre would be great, as long as he dosen’t give us commercial teenager pop sh*t like he does now, I’d prefer the N.W.A style, oldskool beats & rap.

I love Eminem and I’ve been hoping there’ll be some official collaboration between Eminem and LP. I have few remixes for Eminem and LP so I’ll definitely be glad if this becomes official even if it’s just one song like We Made It by Busta Rhymes although I don’t like Busta Rhymes

Uhm not thanks. But im stocked for any possibility of “New Reanimation”, how about a hip-hop collabo/remix album. With the guys like: Lupe Fiasco, Ryu/GBC, Common, Black Thought/The Roots, UNKLE, Tricky… something like that!!

I’m always interested in seeing how any artist could work with LP since they seem to mesh well with everyone. As long as we don’t get a Collision Course 2, I don’t see how this wouldn’t be good. Dr. Dre is an awesome producer and Eminem is a creative genius. They’re accomplishments speak for themselves. So I say, do it LP.

Eh, this would be an album to skip for me

I think they would work well with Dre but not Em…styles don’t mix with Em, not to mention I don’t find him that dynamic as say Jay-Z or Dr. Dre. If they did a Reanimation 2.0 that would be EPIC…esp with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9NE, Lupe, Kanye, etc. Add some Styles of Beyond too!

Eminem and Linkin Park. YES PLEASE.