Linkin Park pop up show in NYC (Grand Central Station for GMA)

This was the best surprise ever! A few hiccups (people skipping others was not cool) but this was worth the wait after getting out of work


oh god, lucky you! being there so close and without paying ticket ahah.
What a stunning surprise for you…wish they could do the same in london.
Today I saw on the walls of the corridors of the underground the big poster/advertisement of their new album!

Omg!! That’s amazing that you got to see that! Aahhh must’ve been such a thrilll!! I watched the whole video and omg I was in aweee, I can only imagine it must’ve been a million times better in person!

Omg! I keep wishing for the same in London! Hold up which underground station?! I haven’t seen any posters in London yet and i usually criss cross Central London everyday!

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The funniest thing is, I knew of a secret show in the city, just didn’t know where. My reaction was priceless. I called my hubby immediately and told him I’d be coming home late. Had some of my LP stickers from the LPST. I saw people with the LPU16 shirts (not alot though) majority of the people just only knew the older songs. We chanted. In The End whwn they were about to leave and they relented. The videos are up on YouTube (I recorded at first but decided to take pics and live in the moment). I still can’t believe it happened

Baker Street :grinning:

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